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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your administrative business hours?

A: The Police Department provides twenty-four hour service to the community and does not close. Administrative services, such as the Records Section, is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Q: Are you currently hiring for the position of police officer and what are the qualifications needed to become a police officer?

A: The Board of Fire and Police Commissioners conduct examinations to establish an eligibility list during the spring and the fall. To obtain an application and qualifications please call the City of Carbondale Human Resources Office at (618) 457-3227 or download the information by accessing the link below:


Q: Will the Carbondale Police Department take my fingerprints for a job application or professional license?

A: The Carbondale Police Department will take fingerprints for job applications, a professional license, or adoptions. There is a $25.00 fee for this service. We do not take fingerprints for Immigration and Naturalization Services.

Q: Will the Carbondale Police Department provide extra patrols while I am away on vacation?

A: The Carbondale Police Department does provide extra patrol/house watch during a limited time for people who are out of town on vacation. Come to the Police Department and complete a House Watch form before you leave on vacation and call the Department upon your return.

House Watch Program

Q: What is bond?

A: When a person has received a traffic ticket or is arrested, they are required to post a bail, or a bond. This is a surety that the person will come to court. For a traffic ticket, a person can post $120.00 cash bond ($150.00 cash bond for more serious violations), or bail bond card. Bond for misdemeanors is $150.00 and a judge must set the bond for felony charges. Some minor traffic offenses require no cash bond, but the violator must promise to appear in circuit court by signing the ticket.

Q: What is the difference between an ordinance violation and a criminal violation?

A: The City of Carbondale is allowed to enact ordinances to cover building codes, traffic offenses, liquor offenses, etc. If a person is arrested for an ordinance offense, they cannot go to jail for that offense. It is considered a “fine only” infraction, and it is not a permanent mark on their record.

City Ordinance Site

Q: What is Court Supervision?

A: Court Supervision is a finding of the court, which allows a person to plead guilty to a traffic ticket or minor offense and not receive a conviction on his/her driving record or criminal record. It is a form of probation where the person must report to the judge and not commit another offense for a specified period of time. When persons successfully complete Court Supervision, they often have to pay a fine, but do not have a mark on their driving or criminal record.

Q: When should I call to report suspicious activity?

A: If you see some activity that you feel is suspicious in nature, please call 9-1-1 as soon as possible, explain the problem, location, and the description of individuals or vehicles. You do not have to leave your name. If you feel it is suspicious activity, it probably is. You are the one who is most familiar with your neighborhood. The Carbondale Police will respond as soon as possible and check out the suspicious activity in a professional and courteous manner.

Q: Does the Carbondale Police Department unlock vehicles for lockouts?

A: No, the Carbondale Police Department does not open motor vehicles in which people have locked their keys. Many vehicles' locking mechanisms these days are complex and require specially trained people to open them. We suggest you call an insured locksmith or tow truck company for these situations. We will attempt to open car doors in emergencies. In these cases we will attempt to unlock the car, but may be required to resort to other measures if the situation dictates.

Q: Can I pass a stopped school bus?

A: The answer depends upon the type of roadway on which the bus is operating.  For more information about school bus laws visit Illinois State Board of Education.

Q: What is the administrative tow fee?

A: The administrative tow fee is a fee the City of Carbondale Police Department is allowed by State statute to charge for any vehicle that is towed due to certain criminal offenses.  This fee is for the administrative and processing costs associated with the investigation, arrest, and detention of an offender or the removal, impoundment, storage and release of an impounded vehicle.  All administrative fees and towing and storage charges shall be imposed on the registered owner of the motor vehicle or the agents of that owner regardless of who was operating the vehicle when it was impounded.  For the City of Carbondale, the tow fee is separated into two levels, Level 1 and Level 2. The Level 1 tow fee is $400 and the Level 2 tow fee is $200.                                                                    

Level 1 tow fees include but are not limited to any felony offense that includes original arrest warrants for felony offenses, Driving while Under the Influence violations, felony violations of the Cannabis Control Act, violations of the Illinois Controlled Substances Act, violations of the Unlawful Use of a Weapon statute, violations of the reckless discharge of a firearm statute, violations of the unlawful possession of firearm or ammunition statute, driving while license suspended or revoked, and felony theft offenses.           

Level 2 tow fees include but are not limited to any Failure to Appear warrant arrests, misdemeanor offenses of the Cannabis Control Act statute, Misdemeanor violations of the Theft statute, City Ordinance violations of theft, misdemeanor traffic offenses, and driving on an expired license if the expiration is greater than one year. 

Please note that paying the administrative tow fee does not guarantee the release of a vehicle.  Other holds such as a law-mandated 12 hour DUI hold or an insurance hold may still apply.  The insurance hold will be lifted when valid proof of insurance is provided.  The registered owner of the vehicle must still come to the police department to obtain the towed vehicle release receipt to take to the tow agency. 

The tow fee can be paid at the Carbondale Police Department with cash or online at with a MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card.  More information on E-Pay can be found on the E-Pay site.

 Q: Once I pay my administrative tow fee, how do I retrieve my vehicle? 

A: In order to pay the administrative tow fee, you will need to show a valid driver's license, proof of ownership or an original, notarized release from the owner giving you permission to pick up the vehicle, and proof of valid insurance on the vehicle to the Carbondale Police Department.  Once those items are provided, you will be provided a release to take to the tow yard.  The tow companies charge a seperate towing and storage fee.  That fee is determined by the tow companies and is not affiliated with the Carbondale Police Department.  The tow fee is typically approximately $65.00 and there is an additional storage charge for each day the vehicle is in the tow yard. 

For more information on the administrative tow fee, please contact Sgt Amber Ronketto at 618-457-3200 ext: 465. 

Q: How can I request traffic crash reports?

A: You can request a traffic crash report in person or via mail.  There is a $5.00 fee for each copy. 

Q: How can I request other police records?

A: To obtain police records you must file a Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A) request.  Persons wishing to view or obtain copies must submit a written request to view and/or recieve copies of records and submit it to Police Department Freedom of Information Officer Marcia Toliver. 

City of Carbondale F.O.I.A website

The completed form can be dropped off, mailed, faxed to 618-457-3204 or emailed to  The department will reply to your request within five (5) business days. 


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