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Trespass to Residence and Attempted Sexual Assault
On 02-19-18 at approximately 2:07 a.m., officers with the City of Carbondale Police Department responded to the 400 Block of West Freeman Street in reference to a Trespass to Residence and an Attempted Sexual Assault.   Read More »

Homicide Investigation Update
On 02-15-18 at approximately 11:26 p.m., officers with the City of Carbondale Police Department responded to the rear parking lot at 409 East Mill Street in reference to reports of gunshots.   Read More »

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Animal Control and Licensing

The City of Carbondale Police Department is responsible for the licensing of pets and enforcement of City ordinances and state laws pertaining to animals. The Department maintains an Animal Control Unit staffed by a full-time Animal Control Officer.

Compliance with the State Animal Control Act and City animal control ordinances is an essential element in the safety and protection these laws provide both residents and animals. The Police Department has established a number of procedures for handling animal complaints which address this purpose.

All dogs four months and older must be licensed. The annual license fee for un-neutered animals is $25.00 and the fee for neutered animals is $5.00. A license may be obtained at the Police Department, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, or by downloading an on-line printable application form (PDF format). The on-line form and appropriate fee can be mailed to the Police Department after required registration information is completed, or the completed application can be delivered to the Department in person.

The City Council of the City of Carbondale recently approved amendments to Title Three (3) of the Carbondale Revised Code, as it applies to adequate shelter of animals within the City.  The amendments were made in the interest of protecting the animals from inclement weather and temperature variations. 

Under the revised ordinance, residents that keep animals on their property within the City of Carbondale must provide adequate safe and sanitary shelter and such shelter must be sufficient to provide natural light or artificial illumination, protection from weather and be of a sufficient size for the animal to stand in an upright position and lie down stretched out so that no part of its body need touch any wall or roof of the structure. This shall not include animal carriers, recycled chemical drums or other personal property which is not intended to provide animal shelter.

For more information regarding pet ownership in the City of Carbondale, please contact Animal Control Officer Cindy Nelson at (618) 457-3200 ext. 424, or email:

Download Dog License Application

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